Terms & Conditions

  1. Application

 1.1. The terms and conditions with the attached engagement letter shall form an agreement between the Client and the company- DVED Digital.

 1.2. These terms and conditions apply to any commercial agreement between the company and the Client.

 1.3. This applies in the exclusion of terms and conditions of the agreement. The Client might propose, and the proposal shall only be amended when given in writing, followed by the DVED digital’s signature. 

 2. Engagement start date and scope

 2.1. The company agrees on the following with the condition for the Client to pay the amounts set out in the engagement letter. 

 –         Provide all the products and services described in the letter

–         The company will provide the works for the specified period until cancelled in line with clause 11. 

 2.2. The works and information provided by the company are for the Client’s benefit and must not be transferred to any other individual without the company’s prior consent.

 2.3. The Client should agree that activities that have been undertaken if required modifications and changes in the website must be discussed with the company with written consent as it could affect the results in search engines and such.

 3. Duties and obligations of the Client

 3.1. The Client should be cooperative with the company and shall request, adopt such acts and offer supply materials inclusive of the ones indexed withinside the letter.

 3.2. If the Client does not adopt the one’s acts or offer the materials required as mentioned of being asked to do so, inclusive of changes and optimisation to the website or different materials as asked, or required with the aid of using DVED digital. Then the company will be entitled to bill for the final works as though the Client had accomplished whether or not such supplied or now no longer. 

 3.3. During the provision period, the Client must not

 3.3.1.     Employ the offerings of any pay-per-click or search engine optimisation other than DVED digital for the website promotion. 

3.3.2.     Employ offerings of Submission Company other than DVED digital for optimisation services.

3.3.3.     Make replica sites, replica content material, or pages of the website or company name. 

3.3.4.     Involve in exchanging links with a third person or undertaking any spamming methods that could harm the website’s ranking in the search engine.

 3.4. The Client shall supply the authority to post the website pages promoted on Google and some websites. The Client shall offer the company the log information to permit us the advantage of gaining access to the Client’s website. 

 3.5. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform people are having access to their website about the company performing search engine optimisation or pay-per-click services on their website.

 3.6. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform the company regarding any changes in the website during pay-per-click or search engine optimisation within 24 hours of modification implementation.

 3.7.The Client must inform the company if they let any other agency or individual make modifications and optimisation within 24 hours.

 3.8. The Client authorises the connection of accounts, including pay-per-click accounts, to any third-party tools/ services for account administration, reporting, and performance improvement, such as through bid management.

 4.  Invoicing and fees


 4.1.1.      Credit arrangements are not available from the company. Instead, we will provide monthly bills for all works provided to the credit during that calendar month. 

 4.1.2.      Invoices will be sent once the works for that calendar month have been completed or sooner if the engagement has ended. 

 4.1.3.     Any questions or issues the client may have about the invoice must be raised within seven days of the invoice’s date.

 4.1.4.     Any questions or objections expressed after the mentioned period will be considered invalid, and the invoice must be paid without deduction or setoff.

 4.2. All the invoices are to be settled in favour of the company within two weeks of the date of invoice, notwithstanding the time set in the previous clause.

 4.3. In case of the Client fails to provide the fees; then the company is entitled to suspend or withhold the provision of further works until the payment is received. Furthermore, until the company receives any payment, it has the right to retract the works given to the Client.

 4.4. The company reserves the right to demand additional fees at its then-current rates:

 4.4.1.     In cases of delays or additional Work caused by the Client, inclusive of the Client’s failure to give appropriate information, media, instructions, and such required for the provision of works.

 4.4.2.     If the cost of materials, labour, or the other factors beyond the company’s control change.

 4.4.3.     If Client requires additional Works, commodities, or services than those mentioned in the Engagement Letter, or if the Works need to be changed.  

If the Client requests a change or modification to the works, then he/she must agree on the nature of change and implementation of increased charges for making it more efficient and effective. 

 4.4.4.     All and any changes to the Works must be represented in the Engagement Letter and Fees and must be accompanied by corresponding modifications.

 5.  Liability for third part fees

5.1. If any of the works involve pay per click or search engine services that need to pay to third parties under the consent of the Client, then the Client should provide funding for any extra expense providing the same.

 6.  Confidentiality

 6.1. The Client should agree to keep the terms of engagement of the company, its information confidential and not make such information or its part thereof any third party without the company’s prior consent. Only information that was or can be proven to be rightfully in the hands of the Client before the issue of engagement that is in the public domain shall be excluded. 

6.2. The Client should agree to fully indemnify the company harmlessly, and to defend the company at its expense against all costs, damages, and losses because of the Client’s use of the material. 

 7.  Liability

 7.1.The company does not guarantee any particular search engine, nor any improved amount of visitors or revenues as a result of the SEO or pay-per-click campaign. Rankings fluctuate due to regular changes by the search engines to rank the websites better. 

 The Client acknowledges that the company’s Work is done in real-time and will be influenced by these and other circumstances.

 7.2. The company will not be held liable for any conduct that the Client has implemented or intends to implement that violates Google AdWords or other Pay per Click platform policies. 

7.3. The company will not be held liable if the failure is caused by someone or something other than the company or which is out of the company’s control, such as outages, floods, communication outages, etc. 

 8.  Legislation 

8.1. The Client must ensure that the content on  the website:

 8.1.1.     Does not infringe on any third-party rights of intellectual property. 

8.1.2.     It is not in violation of any common law, statute, or provision of law in force at the time in connection to promoting services

 8.1.3.     Does not contain any corporate advertising that would be in violation of the Control of Misleading Advertisements.

 9.  Materials of the third party

 9.1. In relation to any third-party materials or works, the company makes no guarantee, representation, or assurance.

 9.2. The company will use reasonable efforts to give the Client shreds of evidence and copies of such rights, licenses, and permissions.

 10.  Title and risk 

10.1. Risk factors in any information given to the client pass to the Client upon delivery, and title in the Products shall remain with the company until the complete payment is cleared.

 10.2. The Client shall get such insurance necessary to protect itself against all hazards that may arise while the Work is in its ownership or control.

 11.  Termination

 11.1. In case of the Client’s materiality breaches any of these terms and conditions, the company will hold the right to suspend or restrict the engagement with the Client immediately.

 11.2.The organisation reserves the right to immediately terminate the engagement if it finds the Client’s website is unfair or seems fake or untrue.

 11.3.The Client may not cancel the engagement unless the company has materially breached it or the terms and conditions. In any case, of the substantial breach, the Client is still responsible for the fees up to the time of the material breach. 

 12.  General

 12.1. Nothing in the terms and conditions shall be construed as establishing a relationship between the Client and the company. Moreover, the Client and company are not allowed to do anything that could portray the other party as an agent or partner.

 12.2. If any portion of the terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable, that section will be designed as closely as practicable to reflect the party’s intentions, at the company’s discretion, while the remaining parts will continue in full force.

 12.3. Without the company’s prior written consent, the Client may not assign the benefit or burden of the terms and conditions.