Privacy Policy

We at DVED digital value your privacy, and we have implemented various security measures to protect your personal information. We, as a result of this, assure you that it is managed in line with existing data privacy rules. All circumstances in which DVED obtains your data as a Data Controller for the purposes indicated in this notice are governed by the principles outlined in this Privacy Notice. These reasons include data processing to participate in the various activities offered.

This privacy statement outlines what information we gather via the website when we collect data, how we use it, how it is secured, and your rights to your data.


Personal data/information

– Personal information or data refers to any information that can be used to identify a person. The information may include name, email address, contact number, date of birth, and many more.


–         Cookies are little text files that a user’s computer saves. They are made to store a small quantity of data that is particular to a client and website. Either the client computer or the web server can access them. This allows the server to deliver a page customized to a specific user, or the page can contain some script that is aware of the data stored in the cookie and can thus transport information from one visit to the website (or connected site) to the next.

Data controller

–       The legal person determining the details of the purpose for which and the method in which any information is or will be processed is called the data controller

Log files

–         When users visit the websites, log files to find out who they are. This concept is used by most of the companies who conduct it as a part of their analytics. There is no connection between this and any personally identifiable information. The data is gathered in order to assess trends, operate the site, track users’ movements on the site, and compile statistics.

Privacy policy

What information do we collect from you? 

The personal information gathered through this website is only collected with your permission or when it is required to provide our services to you. 

We use the information that only you provide us:

You may contribute personal information to us while using the site. For instance, the name, email address, zip code, etc., you can provide us with your information in a variety of ways, inclusive of signing up for our newsletters or filling out forms on the contact page.

Automatically gathered information:

We collect information from every users’ device automatically through various technologies that can include a web browser, IP address cookies, etc. In addition, the web pages or websites you have visited before accessing are all examples of automatically acquired data or information. We may also utilize technology to track a user’s interactions with email messages we send out, such as open and click data.

From alternative sources: 

Third-party sources and sources, such as advertisers, and integrated services, may provide us with information, including your data. We shall treat information from other sources that we associate or combine with Personal Data collected through this website as Personal Data concerning this policy.

How is the information used?

We utilize the information we gather for a variety of purposes in order to provide our service, including:

 Upgrades to the website:

We collect data to understand better and analyze the preferences and behavior of people visiting this website. This enables us to enhance the proper functioning of our service and create new services and features. All information collected for this purpose is anonymized.

 Cookies and Tracking Software:

 –         Cookies and similar tracking technology are used to collect automatically-collected information as well as other information of the users on this website. By this, we customize our services to meet your individual requirements, as

–         It remembers a user’s information from past visits to the website so that the user does not have to re-enter it on subsequent visits

–         Provide ads, material, and information that are tailored to the individual.

–         Monitor and evaluate the website’s and third-party marketing’s productivity.

 –         Keep track of overall site data like the total number of visits or the number of pages visited.

–         On the website, you can keep track of your entries and submissions.


We might use the users’ contact information to communicate with for various administrative purposes and to provide updates on the products and services we provide.


 We may utilize your information to run improve the website’s features, as well as to provide services and information to visitors and users.

 Legal requirement

 The company might be legally obligated to disclose your personal information if 

 –          It is a subpoena requirement, law, or other legality. 

–         It is crucial to assist government officials’ agencies or enforcement officials.

–         If important to investigate or otherwise enforcement of our legal terms and conditions.

–         To protect us against any legal action or claims from any other parties or agencies inclusive of the client

–         To safeguard your or other individuals’ legal rights, property, or safety.

How long do we keep your information?

 Like any other company, we will keep your data for as long as it is required for various purposes. We may also keep your log files for purposes of analyzing data; these log files are typically kept for a limited amount of time, unless the information is used for the website security, improving website operation, or the company is legally required to keep it for a longer period.

Data protection

 We, as a reputed company, give a complete commitment to keeping your information secure and take data protection extremely seriously. We take every possible step that is necessary to protect your collected data. However, no service can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Kindly contact us right immediately if you have any suspicions that your data has been compromised.

Information disclosure

DVED digital does not and will not share your personal information received from the website with any third parties unless you give us your consent to go further by checking the appropriate boxes on registration or competition forms.

 We may also use the data to get in touch with you to keep you up to date on our activities. You will have the option of unsubscribing from any mailing list or other similar device. If we ever want to share information collected on this website with a third party, we will only do so with your consent.

We might offer aggregate information to third parties, such as the number of people who visit our website or fill out a form. However, we do not use any data that might be used as an identity to those people. Dummies may also collaborate with other parties to bring targeted behavioral promoting websites.

 Cookies will be used to present more relevant advertisements about the services based on the anonymous information of your usage of our websites and other websites.

Your rights

You, as a client, have the right to do the following.

 –         Make a request for a copy of the data we have on you.

–         Request that your information is corrected, deleted, or used exclusively for specific purposes.

–         You can ask us to cease using your personal information at any time. For instance, by unsubscribing from marketing emails or opting out of cookies.

If personal information about a third individual is revealed or if the company is legally prohibited from providing such information, these rights are not applicable. Furthermore, even if you withdraw your consent, we may keep your data if we can show that we have a legal obligation to do so.

Other websites’ hyperlinks

The website might consist of a hyperlink to another website that is not under the company’s control and hence not covered by the privacy statement. If you happen to click on the link provided on the website, then the operators of the particular site might gather information about you with respect to their own privacy rules and regulations.

You might have to discover the website’s policy then check out how they utilize your data.

Changes in the privacy policy’s terms

It is recommended that you visit the policy page frequently in order to keep up with the latest updates to this privacy policy, which we may amend from time to time. If we make changes to the notice, we will update the version number and date at the top of the site. Whenever crucial changes are made, we will inform you by either.

  (a) Updating the changes on the website or

  (b) Sharing the information with you through email. You must, without fail, read and understand the updated policies. As, if you fail to check the updates, it might create problems for you in the future.

Final words

If you face any troubles, have queries about the privacy policies, or if you feel your data is not secure or is misused, you can reach out to us on our website, mail us or give us a call.